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2013 – a new year, new challenges, new opportunities

It’s been a while since blogging was a high priority, sorry about that!  I have a job again, sort of.  Well, it’s a real job but I am now self employed working under contract with a former employer back in … Continue reading

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I Did it! I think… yeah, I did!

My new job starts Oct 26th back in travel again. I do have a couple more interviews for other possibilities but even if I accept one (or both) – uh, if they’re offered – I’ll still be keeping the corporate … Continue reading

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I burned a rather large area using Avon’s sensitive skin hair remover.  Sensitive skin my rear end!  The product instructions say average use time is 2.5 minutes, don’t leave on longer than 8 minutes.  It stung just a little when … Continue reading

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wow, I’m single!!!

Know what I found out?  Didn’t think so – so, I’ll tell ya!  4B, the ‘husband’ mentioned throughout previous posts, is NOT legally my husband, never has been and never will be.  WTH you say?  Yeah, I did too! Found … Continue reading

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