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Surviving Unemployment, without any

  huh?  Yes, I heard that!  Let me explain…. One month ago I was laid off.  Again.  Sorry, Mr. President, No I am NOT better off than I was four years ago… but not the point of this post. The … Continue reading

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I Did it! I think… yeah, I did!

My new job starts Oct 26th back in travel again. I do have a couple more interviews for other possibilities but even if I accept one (or both) – uh, if they’re offered – I’ll still be keeping the corporate … Continue reading

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What a day!

This morning I had the shortest job interview ever… Finally!  A job offer!  It’s another long-term temporary but the pay is half decent and it will work while I’m in school and looking for another ‘real’ job.  And… there’s a … Continue reading

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Beverly cardi, techniques and huh?

The Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques is fast becoming one of my favouritest resources!  Why?  Several reasons: 1) as a self-taught knitter, I’ve learned techniques as I needed them or made them up.  This book has handy things all in … Continue reading

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