2013 – a new year, new challenges, new opportunities

It’s been a while since blogging was a high priority, sorry about that!  I have a job again, sort of.  Well, it’s a real job but I am now self employed working under contract with a former employer back in corporate travel.  I’m finding that self employment is great within limits – not loving the higher taxes, the no paid time off, still working on finding affordable health/life/disability insurances, all that fun stuff.  Most of the other self-employed people that I’ve talked with utilize their spouse/domestic partner’s insurances and can claim dependents – uhhh, being single with grown children is expensive!  But – it’s far, far better than nothing at all and I’m a great boss to work for 😉

I’m still considering a full time ‘normal’ position though, second interview is tomorrow so – fingers are crossed that whatever is best works out.  There are the typical pros and cons so am just focusing on the tasks at hand and taking it from there.

The Holiday Season was rather lonely without the kids, in fact, spent Christmas Eve entirely alone.  I resolve never to do that again.  I spent quite a while talking with someone close to me, but later, as I was working, it was a very long, lonely night with only two client phone calls in 9 1/2 hours then back up bright and early to work another shift prior to going over to WRT’s Christmas Evening.  Am I whining?  Perhaps a little bit.  The primary reason for mentioning it though is the realization that although some people are ‘fine’ being alone on significant dates, I am not one of them.  I’ve worked many holidays over the years but have had coworkers surrounding me and family to go home to.  So….   this coming holiday season will definitely be handled differently!!!

My ‘non husband’ (don’t quite know how to refer to him now that it’s been discovered that our marriage was void due to his bigamy) used to say ‘it’s just another day.’  I completely disagree.  As humans we NEED milestones and celebrations.  Every culture has them, we have developed a system to mark time and progress, given ourselves opportunities for reflection, of giving of ourselves and our resources, we mark passages in our time on earth and find comfort in the familiar traditions while resolving to accomplish more in the next time frame.  I believe that anyone who views these markings of time as ‘just another day’ is not truly understanding their own humanity and is denying themselves of that connection.

And yes, I spent hour upon hour in the last month or so going over my blessings rather than the woes, giving thanks for all that there is, in fact – I got to the point where there were just no more pep talks to give myself so I read, I knit for others, I chatted online with dear friends, I surrounded myself as much as possible in the love that is out there and tried to extend it to others in every way that I could think of.  Did it work?  Mostly!

So… anyway….   I did finish WRTs socks using Susan Glinert Stevens’ great Fleegle pattern.  The pic ‘showcases’ the unique heel construction – it works like a miracle with NO holes and is far more simple to work than most wrap/turn construction heels.  I did have a bit of a dilema on this sock though as I was running out of Knit Pick’s Stroll Sport and didn’t seem to have the extra ball that I thought was around.  After much thinking, I decided to use some fingering weight colorwork while carrying the sport weight through for stability. Yes, I ‘could’ have made an even shorter sock but he already has one black sport weight pair that is quite short and I’m trying to keep each pair easily identifiable in his sock drawer.fleeglebillSadly, I did not complete Marci’s or Dad’s pair and wasn’t able to get down to Mom and Dad’s to gift the dishcloths that are waiting for them.  (Just barely got the car re-insured so now can drive it short distances again, it is vehicular abuse to drive it at all but hey, gotta get groceries sometime ya know!)



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Hard core rocker/old school punk/alternative, ridiculously fiber/design oriented knitter with strong geek tendencies type person. Worked in the travel and web design industries, and benefits management for years; have done freelance writing and editing. Mother of two fantastic young adults (yes, they truly are!).
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2 Responses to 2013 – a new year, new challenges, new opportunities

  1. redfear says:

    Thank you, Rosie! I’d love to see how your “Beverly” turns out. Mine’s been hibernating for quite a while as I didn’t pick up the sleeve stitches very well. Think it’s time to revisit it though.

  2. Rosie McEwin says:

    Hi,redfear! I found your link on Ravelry during a search of the “beverly” cardigan. I just started it and was looking for some skinny on it. Have you finished yours? I am just starting it – I love the pattern and I love a challenge – haven’t attempted anything top-down except for a little capelet last year.
    PLease keep up your writing! See you on the internet!

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