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frozen Niagra

some cool randomness for you (pun sort of intended)

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Now what?! Go to sleep, silly brain!

The ‘contract to hire’ position is a decent job BUT…. there are no open positions at the company.  None.  Haven’t been for ages.  A temp has been hired here and there over the last few months but there are dozens … Continue reading

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and one more thing… again

lists of weird stuff… get your lists of weird stuff here… from historical facts to the top 10 weirdest dating sites, this is a super fun place to browse.

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The family room has my half empty boxes strewn about – I’m looking for 1) candle warmer since son has decided he needs it; 2) winter coats; 3) rest of knitting patterns; 4) odds and ends of paper work that … Continue reading

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