Now what?! Go to sleep, silly brain!

The ‘contract to hire’ position is a decent job BUT…. there are no open positions at the company.  None.  Haven’t been for ages.  A temp has been hired here and there over the last few months but there are dozens of temps that have been there for up to two years now.  hmmm….  interesting.  Won’t bore you with the details but let’s go with there was a conversation between the 30 or so of us former Caremark employees and the temp company that pitched this as a permanent type thing.  Whatever.  It’s a temp company and it’s a temp job not a perm one.  HOWEVER…. HR messed up my schedule, instead of the 8:30 – 5 (perfect!) that I was told, it’s 9:30 – 6 which absolutely does not work.  Earlier works, later does not.  This is a major problem.  Not good.

Our severance checks arrived yesterday – good!  (taxes totalled 62% – wow! that’s a lot of money in Uncle Sam’s pocket)  I’ve been getting some things taken care of like car insurance, rent, utilities, you know… the stuff that gets you in serious trouble if you go for weeks without money.  Since yesterday was also pay day for last week at the temp job, the first thing I did was cash that check and got a Diet Coke and some chocolate.  It’s true – I went for over a week without a Diet Coke!


not my pic, but pretty much how I feel about it!  yummmmmmmmmmmm

kp options wood

in knitting news….   four stitches slipped off the needle on the Olive Drab Socks 4 Soldiers.  Yes, I had them in my knitting bag…. which I also had another skein of yarn and er well, let’s see, hair mousse, herbal tea packets, cough drops, lip gloss, hand lotion, and my lunch.  Perhaps that was the problem – over crowding without proper precautions.  ARGHHHH   I’ll pick them up and do any repairs later today.  Just can’t quite bring myself to do it right now.

On the observation list for today – we watched a dvd a Monday on the Utah State Correctional Facility at the ‘Point of the Mountain.’   I drive by it every weekday (and often on weekends as well) but never paid a whole lot of attention to it other than it’s just there.

Apparently, Utah’s state prison is one of the most violent in the country.  Interesting.  What really struck me though was the difference between the men and women’s facilities.  It may have been the way MSNBC edited, or who knows, but the point was made that at the women’s facilities the offenders generally work together, support each other, generally try to make life tolerable and perhaps even a bit better for one another.  Not quite the same at the men’s facility.   This could be a rather long observational bit about anthropological/sociological differences, etc.  I’ll just stop here though and comment that I found it particularly interesting.

Part of the program is on Youtube.

The other bit of oddity for the day – a half green, half red apple grown in Devon (UK).  It’s amazing!halfgreenredapple

It’s true – insomnia is striking again.  Doing the relaxation things, doing the shutting down stuff but…. brain just keeps going and going like a very demented Energizer Bunny zig zagging through the quagmire of situations going on in life.  Silly brain.  You must sleep now!  Oh wait, not just yet – need to take daughter to a friend’s bridal shower this afternoon and get some more bills paid and see what’s on for the weekend, finalize the car insurance stuff, might be good to hop in the shower before all that, oh and my nails reallllly need to be done and  …. yeah…… kinda like that.  Again, silly brain!

If you’re in the mood for a vent, see the “Life” page.  Add your own vent!  Go on, you’ll feel better!!!!!


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