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Socks, socks, socks and Stole

Work is going well, team leader actually encourages activities such as reading or knitting past 8:30pm or so (work until 10:30 M-F now).  It’s difficult to knit two straight hours (for me, know those who think it’s a breeze hehe) … Continue reading

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Badass Knitters

Just a quick blurb – check out Badass Knitters webring.  NOW!  Seriously, DO IT. Bad Ass KnittersPowered By Ringsurf

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I’m in LUST

On my way back from picking up my 14 year old from his dad’s house I stopped at Three Wishes, a Local Yarn Store (LYS).  OMG – touch, feel, look, sigh, touch again…..  the only thing I actually purchased was … Continue reading

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I’m back!!!!!

An entire month without home phone, cable tv, and *gasp* internet access… it’s been a special form of hell – omg no Ravelry!  Major accomplishment for the last 30 days – yet another birthday passed and I’m still kicking around: … Continue reading

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