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Continued idiocy and Vegas, baby!

For some reason my hands forgot how to knit properly right around midnight.  I have no idea what happened, I put the very nearly finished fingerless 2 down for a couple of hours, picked it back up and was knitting … Continue reading

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I’m an idiot and other acceptable excuses

The second fingerless glove was one row away from completion when I noticed something awful.  I’m an idiot.  This is a fairly well known trait, but it creeps up on me unexpectedly from time to time.  I’d added a couple … Continue reading

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Vehicle of death and not quite finished glove

Happy dance alert!!!!!!!!!! B and his boy C fixed my strut yesterday!!!!!!!  Being the sort who disapproves of vehicles being on the road that could, at any moment, cause death and destruction (literally) he popped the hood yesterday afternoon.  He … Continue reading

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Free Pattern for Fingerless Gloves

This is my pattern for the fingerless gloves.  It’s specifically designed so it can be changed to suit the wearer/mood of knitter/time available.  See pic in Finished Objects post below. Yarn:  used Knit Picks Gloss – use any fingering weight … Continue reading

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