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Knitting Frenzy and Denied

Nearly all of yesterday was knitting like a maniac.    Today is requiring a fair bit of Ibuprofen to keep the arms mobile at all.  Ouch!  I’m trying to finish up Marci’s Nippers in the next couple of weeks although there … Continue reading

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And it’s back

the knitting mojo that is.  It was hiding in the Christmas stocking that I set aside a few months ago.  The stocking was carefully tucked away by my phone charger.  I went to charge my phone and up came the … Continue reading

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Good morning, world

It’s a beautiful spring morning here.  Tomorrow may bring snow (most likely will, actually) but today – gorgeous! Oh, btw, has anyone seen my knitting mojo?  It seems to have wandered off without letting me know where it went or … Continue reading

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Kitchener and Beyond, great articles and half an empty nest yikes!

Interweave Knits, Spring 2010 and Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2010 both have detailed articles including illustrations on finishing technique Kitchener.  I’m SOOO happy!!!  Although I can do a passable kitchener most of the time, these are great articles.  Interweave’s concentrates the … Continue reading

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