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Mint Green Fraternal Twin Socks

And finally here’s the Fraternal Twin Sock pics.  It’s been several months since they were finished but I just got around to photographing.  As you can see, I got bored and changed the foot design a bit on the second … Continue reading

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Continental and Magic Loop revisited; Bad Mom!

…And Bad Mommy I’ve tried using the continental knitting style several times with varied amounts of success, it’s not really difficult, just doesn’t always ‘feel’ right… but… I did do half of yesterday’s knitting continental style.  Go me!  AND…. I … Continue reading

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Currently On The Needles

WRT’s second Summer Sock is ready for heel turn, not too much longer to go there S4S has finally been found (temporarily ‘lost’ in yet another move) and is cast on Mom’s ‘Not Pink’ Comfort Wrap Carnival Top I need … Continue reading

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