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New Artwork and growth (literally!)

The Godzillas upstairs are still rocking the walls so I took the mirror down for fear it would shatter like several of my picture frames have.  It left a big gaping blank wall in that weird beige/yellow color so many … Continue reading

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Rinse, repeat, and repeat again

Friday afternoon I had a call from the branch manger in Buffalo advising me that I am once again laid off.  She’s a rather abrupt woman and was surprisingly nice but extremely brief/to the point.  I did manage to get … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th

Another Friday the 13th and I’m sick, imagine that!  Nah, I should be better, it’s my own fault for not going to the dr. earlier then not getting better faster.   Anyway, enough of that!  It’s been an interesting month, … Continue reading

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One down, one to go!

The other day I noticed that WRT had on mis-matched socks.  Both were hand-knit by yours truly and they were in the same color family – black, duh (one was black and grey, one had black, greys, and browns).  I … Continue reading

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