Autumn could happen after all

It’s been a brutal summer here in Utah with high temperatures and very low rainfall.  Day after day after day of high heat (constant highs of 95-105), microstorms, high winds, and numerous fires.  Last weekend we finally got some real rain and lots of it.  Far too much, far too fast for the dry earth resulting in floods.  But…. it looks as though we may get a bit of autumn before winter sets in.  Leaves in upper elevations started changing colors about three weeks ago and vibrant reds, yellows and oranges are visible on the mountainsides now.

I made it a point to stay indoors most of the summer as the intensity of the heat and sun would turn into burns then hives within minutes even with SPF35.  It’s great to be outside again!  Last week I bought a few more houseplants, re-potted them on the patio then left them to soak up the sun and rain.  However, Mother Nature had other plans and threw in high winds and the poor plants, already traumatized from replanting, were knocked over and scattered.  I did get everything re-potted again and am waiting to see if the roots take or if it was a bit too much for the poor things.

It’s WONDERFUL having a car again!!!!  (Hence the shopping/houseplants!)  Last night I went down to Mom and Dad’s again.  Dad’s continuing to decline; he’s had several ‘bad’ days in a row now.  This hasn’t been unusual for the last year but he’s bounced back after a bit.  I’m hoping that’s the case this time as well but we truly have no idea what time line there is at this point.  I’m so thankful for the thoughtful, caring hospice workers who come check on him, assist with bathing, the chaplain (Dad’s been a church-going all his life and it bothers him that he’s unable to attend now), the nurses, they have quite a team going!

He was more verbal than he’s been in a while but most of his conversation involved family and close friends who have passed on but he didn’t seem to remember that they’re gone.  Mom did mention that earlier he’d been upset about his mother’s obituary and something about needing to attending her funeral (over 20 years ago) so we know he remembers she’s gone sometimes but not that it’s been such a long time.  Earlier he’d also been talking about my sister’s passing and wondered if there was anything more that had to be done. Perhaps he’s working a few things out in his own psyche.

As it was my son’s 20th birthday, I called him once I’d gotten to their home so they could be in on wishing him a happy birthday.  He and his fiancee were over at my daughter’s home and Mom and I spoke with both of them for quite a while.  Dad was trying to watch a dvd until we’d hung up then he wanted to talk with my daughter so we called back and they chatted for several minutes.  He thanked her for a card she’d just sent (believe it was last Father’s Day so it’s been a while) but it meant so much to him whether it was yesterday or months ago that he remembered.  He’s a bit disappointed that she’s not in school right now (we all are! but finances and timing, etc.  she’s taking a break to earn a bit more before starting back).

It’s such a blessing to be able to spend time with my parents now and I’m thankful that they’re both still here whether it be for another week or another few years.

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Half a Century and Counting

Made it to the big 5-0 and a bit beyond, so guess the world didn’t end 😀

The family threw me a lovely bday picnic in the parents’ backyard, it was such a treat to have so many of my sisters and even my brother Taft there.  He came down from Montana, it was a total surprise! 

The following day, Dad went into home hospice care.  It’s been tremendously difficult to watch such a vibrant, energetic and driven man slow down to a crawl, and not even that much some days.  It’s equally difficult watching Mom deal with it, little things like not giving him daily vitamins anymore are so hard on her.  The reality of ‘maintain’ rather than ‘get better’ or even ‘prolong’ is setting in.  Over the past few months his mind has actually become sharper due to the atypical Parkinson’s diagnosis and dealing with it rather than the previous assumption that he had Alzheimer’s. When I visited a few days ago he asked about my long-term boyfriend, about working at home for a corporate agency, how my kids were doing…  one of the most cohesive conversations we’ve had for a while.  Yet, he struggled to catch his breath sometimes and occasionally had to search for a word.


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Half a century closing in

In two weeks, it’s my 50th birthday.  Once again, I’m asking myself how that happened?!? The obvious answer is by living this long.  The not so obvious – by loving, surviving, living, creating, moving on, enjoying, expressing, dealing…..

Will there be some joyous world wide event celebrating this milestone in my life?  Uh… NO.  99.9% of the world’s population will be blissfully unaware, and that’s a good thing!

So, what AM I doing for this event?  I have absolutely no idea.  My son and his fiance are driving down from Seattle, so undoubtedly will spend some time with them.  I’m looking forward to that!!!  It’s been over a year since I’ve seen ‘my baby boy’ and that is far too long.  Other than that, no real plans outside of a quiet party with a couple of friends the day before. Yes, I am secretly hoping that WRT has something up his sleeve but as we did a ‘pre-birthday’ Las Vegas trip in May….. well, let’s just leave that alone.

I’ve been doing some experimental knitting the last few days.  There’s some delicious yarn in my stash that has been patiently waiting to be turned into something lovely.  There are two skeins of self striping, fingering weight that was originally purchased for socks but after a few trial starts, I’m realizing they don’t want to be socks.  I think they want to be a shawl or stole but it’s going to take a bit more experimentation to know for sure.

Savannah’s blanket and premie hat are finished and gifted:
savannahsShe arrived three weeks early, so I wasn’t quite finished oops!  The plan is to make a coordinating sweater but it’s been well over 90F for weeks on end so think I’ll hold off until it’s a bit cooler and she’s actually going to need one.

There’s another green blankie in the works for WRT’s grandaughter’s little brother who is nearly a year old now.  And getting going on Christmas knitting as well but as those projects are still in planning stages, we’ll avoid commenting (read, I know that I’ll change my mind so… just wait to see!)

Oh – and for the big news!  I finally got my drivers license renewed.  Yeah, I know it’s not a major deal to most but it’s been complicated trying to get to the DMV.  The old car wasn’t reliable and since it was stolen have been without any transportation (buses around here are great if you’re going downtown but trying to get from here to locations west of home takes hours even if it’s only a few miles) so… WRT took the day off yesterday to get me to the DMV so I could take the written test and get the temp license.  The ‘real’ one gets mailed out in 2-3 weeks.  Still don’t have a car to drive, but I  have insurance as a named driver rather than on a specific vehicle and a license to go with it!  Yay!

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If you see my car….

My 97 Corolla was stolen sometime between 130pm on 15 July and 815 am on 16July.  If anyone happens to see it, please contact Salt Lake Unified Police 801.743.7000.  It has well over 200,000 miles on it so the police aren’t too hopeful for recovery as was most likely either stolen and wrecked or taken for parts.  If someone took it for parts, I say, “Good luck to you.”  The only thing that truly works on that vehicle is the engine – with over 200,000 miles it’s not going to last a whole lot longer.

Stereo was gone years ago, suspension is a nightmare, it guzzles oil, drives like a tank and steering is seriously messed up because of the suspension issues but it is MY car and I wasn’t quite done with it.



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