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Rejoining the Unemployed

Friday evening I missed a call from my temp agency.  The message was urgent – call before returning to work.  Fairly short story even shorter, I’ve rejoined the jobless ranks. How am I doing? Depends on what you’re asking. Intellectually? … Continue reading

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Toe up sock

The obvious finally hit me.  When working a toe up sock for a fairly wide foot cast on way more stitches rather than increasing so much.  Am I really that dense?  Yes, yes, I am.  😀 Most toe up patterns … Continue reading

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School, finally!!!

I was accepted to the U of U a couple of months ago but at the moment the class schedules available in my major won’t allow my work schedule. So… I applied to, and was accepted at SLCC in sociology. … Continue reading

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Sock Hell, Blood Pressure, Work… I need to get away!!!!

I’m working on a pair of toe up socks that I’ve reworked the toes three – yes, three! – times now.  I just didn’t like the way the pattern was working, didn’t like the toe itself which was my own … Continue reading

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