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Lovely Teens and Jury Duty Beauty

Hey, Mom, I’m sorry.  I promise.  Every mean word, every stomping off, every moment pouting.  Really, I am!  And yeah, it does serve me right.  And yes, I am laughing.  Out loud even.  I’ve been blessed with two wonderful and … Continue reading

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Yarn Dying

Mom’s Claire has taken a back seat for a week or so now while Magic Loop and other new (to me) sock technique have been explored.  As I was absolutely unable to sleep last night I tried to do a … Continue reading

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Traveling Woman and SNOW

It’s snowing.  Yes, truly, it is.  Yes, it IS the 24th of May.  and yet, there is white stuff falling out of the sky and my car is covered in it.  I’m in shock! Last night I cast on Traveling … Continue reading

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you just have to say wtf?!? The last three days I’ve been waking up about 5am – not just uh it’s morning ok, cool… roll over… but actually awake.  This hasn’t happened for a few months.  So… this morning I … Continue reading

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