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Still packing/stash packing

How on earth does one loose 3/4 of their worldly possessions and STILL have more than can be packed up in 3 hours??!?? One bedroom is finished except for taking the bed apart and folding the sheets up. The other … Continue reading

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Free Lace Stitch Patterns, Roll Top Pearlies Progress, more of life….

Roll Top Pearlies are coming right along – So….. there have been several new pattern possibilities running through my head. I want to combine several lace patterns for some new stoles, a blouse or two, perhaps even a skirt. Rather … Continue reading

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Getting the hang of it

I haven’t blogged the last few days, been trying to find a place to live and had some complications with that. It’ll work out somehow though. This week I’ve been concentrating on getting gauge while knitting between calls at work … Continue reading

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Things I’d rather do today

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been grouchy, nauseated, back pain, dizzy blah blah blah. Being the quasi responsible for my health person that I am, I finally went to the urgent care after work last night. It’s true… … Continue reading

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