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Christmas socks ~ One nearly done

I frogged the heel cup and re-worked it, have no idea why but did a double decrease PER SIDE originally.  That would have been one tight heel!  It sat there for days while I dreaded unraveling so this morning… I … Continue reading

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Now what?! Go to sleep, silly brain!

The ‘contract to hire’ position is a decent job BUT…. there are no open positions at the company.  None.  Haven’t been for ages.  A temp has been hired here and there over the last few months but there are dozens … Continue reading

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Vehicle of death and not quite finished glove

Happy dance alert!!!!!!!!!! B and his boy C fixed my strut yesterday!!!!!!!  Being the sort who disapproves of vehicles being on the road that could, at any moment, cause death and destruction (literally) he popped the hood yesterday afternoon.  He … Continue reading

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