wow, I’m single!!!

Know what I found out?  Didn’t think so – so, I’ll tell ya!  4B, the ‘husband’ mentioned throughout previous posts, is NOT legally my husband, never has been and never will be.  WTH you say?  Yeah, I did too!

Found out last weekend that he has been legally married to another woman since the mid 1980’s!!!!  I have confirmation of it from him (the little chickensh*t couldn’t tell me himself so had a friend do it for him) and from her.  He is officially a 2x bigamist hehe.  Despite the rumors that you may have heard, bigamy is indeed frowned on in the state of Utah. Bigamy is a felony here too, ya know! and a bigamous marriage is null and void.  Didn’t happen.  No siree, it’s not legal.

When I was first told of the situation, I was pretty angry for about two minutes then started laughing.  It’s such a Don thing to do.  Of course, he’s a bigamist.  And not just our ‘marriage’ his last one too.  It raises a few legal situations as his last ‘wife’ passed away unexpectedly and without an actual will.  He received life insurance and a few valuables since he was the husband.  uhhhh no, he wasn’t.

Of course, how do I prove this?  No one really seems to know.  Out of the seven attorney’s that I contacted, three suggested I divorce him – uh, don’t want to divorce someone I’m not married to DUH! Three suggested an annulment, which is logical as the marriage is void an annulment will be granted. One just skirted the issue entirely and offered his services if I agreed to follow the legal separation route.  Again, I’m not married to 4B so I can’t get the courts to grant a separation – again, DUH!

After I offered some case law and an opinion on a sort of similar matter from the Utah State Attorney General’s Office, the attorney that I actually thought had some brains in her head is willing to work with me on whatever petition is required to get a declaration of nullity.  I don’t want an annulment unless absolutely necessary.  I want a declaration that the marriage, that I entered into in good faith, was never legal nor valid. As no one is really clear on this process, I contacted the state attorney general’s office and hope to hear from them soon.

Do I really think he’ll be prosecuted for bigamy? Probably not.  But then again, it is an election year and the ugliness going down in The Four Corners area (you’ve heard all the ‘Fundamentalist Mormon’ polygamist rumblings on the news most likely) could inspire someone or other to make an example case.  Am I going to push it?  I could.  Doubt it though.  If the state wants to prosecute him, then they certainly can.  I wouldn’t mind having some recompense for all the emotional damage, physical harm, financial damage etc. that he did.  On top of being a liar, a cheater and a thief, he is also a bigamist.  Figures.  But, even if I did go after him what would I truly gain?

Until it gets sorted out I’m just going to cocoon myself a bit and concentrate on getting this taken care of.

Now, for the ‘in knitting news’ segment of today’s blog post:

Even with the ballwinder it took me over an hour to wind the cake of lace weight yarn! wow that’s a long time.

Bill’s Birches are finished and fit well.

Weed Benson socks are making progress

Working on Sweet Tomato Heel Socks by Cat Bordhi.  Sure do love her stuff!
The insomnia got to the point that it’s requiring medication ugh but yeah! At least now I know that when the elusive Mr. Sandman hasn’t stopped by and it’s midnight again, I can still get eight hours sleep just have to pop a pill (ugh) start reading and rather soon I’ll be deep asleep.  Not my preferred methodology but at least it’s working.


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2 Responses to wow, I’m single!!!

  1. Holly says:

    Thank you, Frank. Karma, fate, the universe… whatever you choose to call it will take care of him. I’m doing well and actually somewhat relieved. Perhaps a bit of an odd emotion given the situation, but… it’s the one that I have (:

  2. Frank Pultar says:

    I hope,and pray this event makes you stronger.I feel that the ? gets what is coming to him!

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