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wow, I’m single!!!

Know what I found out?  Didn’t think so – so, I’ll tell ya!  4B, the ‘husband’ mentioned throughout previous posts, is NOT legally my husband, never has been and never will be.  WTH you say?  Yeah, I did too! Found … Continue reading

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Nearly a month later….has anyone seen Mr. Sandman?

It’s been close to a month since we closed out the Salt Lake office and I started working at home.  Overall, it’s been okay other than I can’t sleep.  By can’t, I mean that I average 3 hours a night, … Continue reading

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A Fresh New Week

As we wind down the days to the closing of the Omega World Travel Salt Lake City office, I’ve been extremely impressed with my staff.  We have experienced huge spikes in booking requests, there have been ugly phone calls from … Continue reading

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Really?!? Again?!?

Thursday, I lost another job.  Three (.5) in a year!  Granted some of that was temporary work but still…!  Yeppers, the stress level is a bit up there right now.  I’ve been trying to contact unemployment for over an hour … Continue reading

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