Annual Thanksgiving flat tire post

It’s true, it happened again.  On my home from Thanksgiving dinner with WRT my front tire went flat as a pancake.  Of course, it happened where one can’t pull over as there is a 6″ curb so had to drive on it for two blocks before could turn off into a school parking lot.  As I had a commitment at 7pm that I absolutely had to be home for, I called him and being the great guy that he is…. he picked me up and took me home.

About 9am the next morning he picked me back up and we tried to change the tire but the spare is just as flat.  Great! grrrrr   The closest tire place was Walmart.  Yeah, Walmart on Black Friday!  We headed there and after a 10 minute wait to even speak to the auto people were informed that it would be at least two hours before anyone could get to it.  Uh no thanks.  Fortunately, Sam’s Club is next to that Walmart and there was virtually no wait but the lowest cost new tire with mounting and all that fun stuff was $89.95.  Wow, nothing like a huge chunk of $ when I’m still on unemployment yikes!  Again, being the great guy that he is, he whipped out his Sam’s Club card and paid for it.  Thank heavens!!!!!  and Thank WRT!!!!  I’ll pay him back as soon as possible, just not quite sure when that will be.

The original plan was to go down to Mom and Dad’s but several things made it look like a bad idea and as much as I miss my family… it would have been a disaster to have the tire go flat on the freeway.  So again, I’m thankful that it was on a busy surface street rather than in the dark on the highway.

It was kind of fun spending Black Friday with WRT and the boys.  His oldest had stopped by Petco for fish tank supplies and got a free pair of antlers for Fido

Yes, the dog’s name is truly Fido and no, he would NOT hold still for a photo op.  This was picture #3 and as good as it got 😀  Immediately after the camera clicked he had those babies off and was chewing away.

Now lest you think that I get a flat tire EVERY Thanksgiving Day, I truly don’t.  Sometimes it’s Christmas Eve instead.  But the general feeling is that I should not drive anything without self-inflating tires between Thanksgiving and New Years’ Day.  I’m inclined to agree!

This afternoon I dropped off a laundry basket full of clothes, a new blanket, and 7 hats for donation at one of the local shelters.  It’s part of my friend Jacqueline’s drive and I’ve been truly impressed with the generosity and hard work so many have put into it.  In order to accommodate as  many as possible, she’s delayed the final day until the 29th so we don’t have a final count yet.  However, it looks like there will be over 40 scarves, 40+ hats and quite a bounty of clothing.



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