Friday the 13th

Another Friday the 13th and I’m sick, imagine that!  Nah, I should be better, it’s my own fault for not going to the dr. earlier then not getting better faster.


Anyway, enough of that!  It’s been an interesting month, I spent a few days in Seattle with the kids.  Marci’s place is tiny but cute and has an amazing viewImage, her new b/f seems like a great guy and she’s doing well in school. She took me to some great yarn storesImage and I bought her some fun flowers at Pikes PeakImage It was such fun spending time with her wandering around the city.  I forgot my camera so she obliged and took pics of tons of things for me.

  David’s doing great in school but having some disturbing health issues.  We had to take him to the emergency room while I was there – his fourth visit in a month and a half.  He seems to have extensive nerve damage effecting his sciatic nerve then going down his leg.  I’m glad I was there this time, he could barely walk even with a cane so I ‘suggested’ (yeah, like mothers suggest things in the ER – demand is a better word choice but suggest is more friendly) that they at least give him crutches when they started putting an ace bandage on his knee.  Fortunately, that prompted them to do a brace instead.  The immobility seems to have helped as he can now walk far more normally.

In knitting news – I’ve reworked the heel on the Pacifica socks but have yet to finish them.  It’s not so much lack of motivation as a severe energy depletion.  Headquarters made the decision to close my office and keep a few of ‘my’ agents on as virtual employees.  I’ll be working from home shortly but the stress of trying to save jobs, weigh in on which agents should be able to work at home, the mechanics of sending accounts to other offices, get things wrapped up, etc. has stolen my knitting mojo.  wah wah wah

Seriously, it’s horrible knowing that some of my employees will be laid off and there’s not a lot that I can do about it.  I understand the decision, and can’t really disagree with it, but it still is an awful feeling.  The office is profitable but would be far more so without the overhead expenses.  I won’t be manager as there won’t be a physical office but they’ve agreed to keep pay the same for all who are going virtual.  I’m grateful for that.  Unfortunately, one of my closest friends is part of the layoff and I’m very unhappy about that. He is a good agent and an outstanding assistant manager.  My personal feeling is that there have been some misconceptions leading to his situation and we’re still working on seeing if there is anything we can do.  For that matter, I’m trying to save all the jobs – have a flat no on one employee and am afraid that another one has alienated HR so not optimistic on hers now.



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Hard core rocker/old school punk/alternative, ridiculously fiber/design oriented knitter with strong geek tendencies type person. Worked in the travel and web design industries, and benefits management for years; have done freelance writing and editing. Mother of two fantastic young adults (yes, they truly are!).
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