What a Year it was!

Ups, downs, ins, outs, loads of challenges and some rewards… I’m glad to have made it through!  It certainly ended with a blast.  A frigid, arctic one.  Wednesday evening I got out of training – oh yeah, was chosen for a 10 person, high-touch small agent team –  about 5:35 and headed to a meeting.  About 5:50 I hadn’t moved more than 100 yards down the street from my office.  Yeah, the roads were that bad.  It took over an hour to get onto the major connecting street (Bangeter Highway) – typically, it’s at the very most an eight minute drive and that’s if I can’t turn right on red at the light and have to wait for a green or two.  Needless to say, I had to call and advise that there was no possible way to attend the meeting. In fact, it took over an hour and a half to make it to WRT’s house.  Normally, the longest that can take is 20 minutes and that’s catching every red light between the office and the house.  Geeeeez!

Thursday was remarkably cold and a rather long work-day.  As per usual, I went out to the car to head home and nothing happened when I turned the key.  I turned the lights on – fine.  Tried the ignition again… nothing but a slight click.  Oh freaking great.  I’m at the semi-dark, far edge of the parking lot, it’s extremely cold and yeah, let’s give it one more try.  Between coughing fits that is.  Nothing.  Called WRT, he’ll come and try to jump it.  I gave the best directions possible – go straight up the main road, go OVER the freeway and take the first left at the light next to the gas station/Burger King, etc.  He called nearly half an hour later and I had NO idea how he got where he was from the directions.  uhm… ok, tried to figure out how to tell him to get back in the right direction.  Tried to find the security guy to see if he could jump start the car.  No security, he was out on rounds.  I have no idea what the physical address of my office is, sad but true.  It’s clearly visible from the freeway and everyone just knows where it is.  The problem is, it’s on an access road that winds around and is somewhat difficult to find without turning left at the gas station/burger king.  oh well…  He finally found me, the car started right up as soon as the cables touched and the ignition was turned.  But… it is the battery really? or is it the sneaky alternator?  hmmmm

Yeah, the glamorous life of a corporate travel agent.

WRT gave me a ride home then to work on Friday.  Fortunately, it was extremely quiet at work and they let me go early.  He picked me up after he’d bought AND installed a new battery for me.  What a wonderful man!!!!!  He even put in the bar thingy to keep the battery in place since the original most likely went missing years ago.  At least, it hasn’t been there since I bought the car.

I did dishes, cleaned a bit and thought about the year as one does on New Years’ Eve.

He’d planned on going to Eve, a city wide celebration downtown but as it was 7degrees outside and I still have that lovely, highly contagious cough and hadn’t slept through for over a week, he graciously got Chinese and we spent the evening watching documentaries and relaxing.  After a shot of non-alcoholic Nyquil, I fell asleep about 11.  oops!!!

It’s now 4F at 11:33pm on 1/1/11.  There’s at least a foot of snow at WRTs although at my house, 32 miles away, there is only about 4″ and just as much ice.


New Year’s Resolutions?  Nope.  Some wants/wishes with an outline of how to get from here to there, though!  2010 saw a great deal of personal growth but the six months of being unemployed drastically slowed down a few of the major goals.  2011 is off to a much better start.  I still feel a rather strong need to keep proving myself.  Primarily TO myself but some of it is to someone else.  Fortunately, his opinion matters to me so perhaps, proving myself to him is actually proving myself to me.

Anyway….  there is fabric to  be chosen, cut, stitched, pressed; yarn to be knit, books to be sorted with words to be read, and so on.

One more thing, as always hehe   I have GOT to get out for a while.  At this point, I barely care whether it’s dinner and a movie with a walk-around or whatever.  Serious case of cabin fever even if it is spread between two cabins so to speak.  Yeah, that means the flu has got to go.


About HollysDying

Hard core rocker/old school punk/alternative, ridiculously fiber/design oriented knitter with strong geek tendencies type person. Worked in the travel and web design industries, and benefits management for years; have done freelance writing and editing. Mother of two fantastic young adults (yes, they truly are!).
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