Lovely Teens and Jury Duty Beauty

Hey, Mom, I’m sorry.  I promise.  Every mean word, every stomping off, every moment pouting.  Really, I am!  And yeah, it does serve me right.  And yes, I am laughing.  Out loud even.  I’ve been blessed with two wonderful and very different teens.  As per earlier posts, my oldest moved to Seattle in May.  I miss her horrendously.  Most of my yarn stash is in her old room.  It’s hard to go in there as it makes me want to cry.  Yes, of course, it’s silly.  But it’s true.  We haven’t talked much since she moved and I don’t like that one bit.  She’s busy, and asserting her independence in her new life.  That part is totally cool.  Yet somewhere, that little girl is still in there, right?  Please say yes.

My son, on the other hand is wanting me to move out.  Uhhhh no.  We do have a fairly unconventional living situation with his dad and my son in the basement and me renting on the main floor but it works for now and he really does need both of us.  And, quite frankly, his dad needs the rent money and I need the place to live as well as son needs mom and dad.  He doesn’t have any major reason other than he’s 16 and one parent should be plenty for any 16 year old young man.

So, the poor darling is stuck.  And being an adolescent just plain sucks.  He is dealing with a lot right now, doing a bit better than a month ago but there’s still a lot going on.  I took him to the dr’s for a med check last week and it was agreed to make some changes.  He’s also been doing a major health renovation with eating a fairly strict diet, working out, and spending more time with friends.

Rough age.  I don’t recommend being 16, nearly 17.

The verdict came back and Pretty in Wisteria was frogged.  I cast on Jury Duty Beauty from Knit N Style April 2009 and have about 4.5″ done so far.  The pattern doesn’t have any shaping and frankly… I do… so I cast on a larger size, continued a 3 stitch seed border on each side for 4″ to provide a vent at the bottom hem and am working toward decreasing to the ‘regular’ size to create some waist shaping.  You want me to have shaping, really you do.  The main body is in the KP Shine Worsted Wisteria, the neckline lace will be in Gloucester Sport Natural held double (probably) and the sleeves will be short.  Not quite sure which yarn the sleeves will be yet, it depends on how much is left. Progress so far:

On the job front… I’m waiting for the written offer.  I received a tentative offer last week, did the drug/alcohol test etc. but had an email from the background checking firm that they needed either W2s or paystubs from my job 5 years ago in Texas.  There is no chance that I still have any paystubs, if they still exist they would have been in the storage unit that no longer exists.  So, I provided the owners’ name and contact info and am praying they are able to reach him tomorrow.  I’m supposed to start on Monday and after five months and unemployment ending (thanks Congress, do you know how many homeless families you are creating?) well, you get the picture.


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Hard core rocker/old school punk/alternative, ridiculously fiber/design oriented knitter with strong geek tendencies type person. Worked in the travel and web design industries, and benefits management for years; have done freelance writing and editing. Mother of two fantastic young adults (yes, they truly are!).
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