Gauge Practice and Tipsy Triangle in Felici Sport

For a few weeks now I’ve been trying to obtain a more consistent gauge in preparation for my Master Level I projects.  Most of this has been through socks (sport and fingering) and the Surplice Bodice Camisole.    I’m hardly the world’s fastest knitter so I figured it may be easier to work on even tension using small projects. I’m not quite ready to jump into my coursework just yet and this seemed a logical way to get in practical practice.

A couple of things stood out in my gauge odyssey.  First, I seem to be an emotional knitter.  That is, when things are good my tension is a little looser.  When I’m worried or concerned, it is tighter.  This seems to be fairly common in people who work with their hands so I don’t feel badly about it.  I’m just more aware now.  Secondly, sometimes I just lose it.  No particular reason, I’ll just have a row or two that is a bit different from the surrounding rows.  Again, it’s not a huge issue but something I’m aware of now and can take steps to avoid.

Last night was another round of insomnia so after finishing Woodworker Socks, I cast on for Tipsy Triangle (in Cast On Magazine).  I’m doing the foot plain then will pick up the pattern after the heel turn.  They would undoubtedly look a bit better  with the lace starting after the toe but in the interest of speed and tension with stockinette stitch, I’ll be knitting them up this way instead.  The designer notes and technical tips are extremely helpful with ‘why’ as well as the mechanics of construction.   This is great!  BTW, Cast On is put out by The Knitting Guild Association and is filled with exceptionally helpful information.

Tipsy Triangle

Note the curling – the gauge is just a bit tight.   However, that’s how I want it on the toes then ‘normal’ for the sock body.  This is the Felici Sport Picnic – LUV LUV LUV the colors but again, having to trim out the uneven colorway a bit.  Note the green wad on the left hehe

And again, in non-knitting news:

My son has his financial aid stuff done so will be starting school shortly.  My daughter’s boyfriend is leaving to join her in Seattle in two days.  How on earth did they get this old?!?

It’s true.  I’m going to be the lone cat lady soon, I know it.  *grin*  uh no.  The cat is going with one of them.  The cat loves me when it’s time to go outside/come inside/go outside/come inside and he wants food, water or attention.  Typical cat, right?  Fair enough.  Zeus (aka the cat) makes me sneeze, itch, and occasionally causes serious bodily harm:

Just as I was getting to sleep a few nights ago, the cat jumped on my bed and caught the bottom of my foot with his felinely sharp claw.  Fortunately, it wasn’t a very deep cut but it’s on the bottom of my foot going up the side.  It hurt!  The cat is evil!  Nah… he definitely didn’t mean to do it and was as surprised by my shriek as I was by the gash.  It made walking a little difficult for a day or so but is healing up nicely.  It should – thanks to WRT for bringing large bandaids and additional disinfectant.

And here is the culprit:


he enjoys looking down on us all from atop my book case.


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1 Response to Gauge Practice and Tipsy Triangle in Felici Sport

  1. Jeanne says:

    Ow! That looks painful!

    Very cute colorway for the socks – can’t wait to see how they knit up!

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