Going to Just Do It!

It seems that my former employer (CVS/Caremark) has decided that I do exist after all and allowed me access to the 2009 W2 online.  Geez!  A major portion of yesterday was spent doing taxes and job applications with a a bit  of knitting, ravelrying and other frivolity thrown in.

Whatever shall I do with my tax return?  Either buy a different used car or throw enough new parts in the 17 year old one to keep it running another year; buy a laptop for school; pay off some bills; and… decided to finally start working on The Knitting Guild Association’s courses.  I’m still researching which course would be the best starting point for the current skill level.  Right now, I’m thinking Professional Finishing Techniques or Master Level I but have a week or so to fully decide.  Thank goodness there is a Ravelry Group to help me out on this adventure!  As some have noticed, I’m not really a joiner… well, that is… I’m not a ‘group’ participant type person.  However, I’m working on it.  Really!

Anyway, here is the course description:
correspondence course
Four Lesson Course by Dixie Berryman. Garment “finishing”
is the mark of a good knitter and a quality garment. Learn
scores of hints and tips while you work with a number of
finishing techniques. Subjects include: smooth shoulder
seams, side seams, sleeves, neck finishes and edges for
cardigans. Requirements to complete the course include
worked samples and a successfully knitted and finished
cardigan. A sweater is required for critique in Lesson Four,
based on the requirements described in Lesson One.

This will be fairly involved, challenging and, hopefully, increase my skill level substationally. However, several people have taken Professional Finishing between Level I and Level II which seems to also be a logical progression.

Oh, and the other thing that I may be able to squeeze out of tax money is a sewing machine. I’ve been without one long enough now.

About HollysDying

Hard core rocker/old school punk/alternative, ridiculously fiber/design oriented knitter with strong geek tendencies type person. Worked in the travel and web design industries, and benefits management for years; have done freelance writing and editing. Mother of two fantastic young adults (yes, they truly are!).
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4 Responses to Going to Just Do It!

  1. Great plans redfear 🙂 I’m also working on my W2, hopefully I’ll get a bigger tax return too and buy some stuff! In case anyone needs a blank IRS W-2 form, I found one here http://goo.gl/b8Yfnq

  2. redfear says:

    thank you for the encouragement… woolie goodness solves everything, you’re right!

  3. Jeanne says:

    It sounds like a great course – looking forward to hearing how it is!

  4. marylove says:

    sounds like you have some tough decisions to make. just go ahead and spend it on some woolie goodnes! LOL!

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