you just have to say wtf?!?

The last three days I’ve been waking up about 5am – not just uh it’s morning ok, cool… roll over… but actually awake.  This hasn’t happened for a few months.  So… this morning I FINALLY got access online the W2 I’ve been waiting for (the ‘you do not exist’ W2) so I completed and e-filed Federal.  Going to file State in a few weeks since I owe about $22.00

Then to add to the fun and frustration, I did 17 job applications and browsed a boatload of career/mentoring/we’re better than anyone out there sites.  The applications took pretty much all morning.  I’m so done with those for a day or two.

A close friend from back in Tx called a couple of times today.  It’s nice to be in touch and have that little emotional pat on the head.  Especially right now – maybe no one wants to pay to have you around eight hours a day but I’ll call you just because I want to – type thing.  Ouch, that sounded a bit off.  It wasn’t meant badly, just it’s particularly nice to have someone stay in contact ‘just because.’

Yesterday wasn’t a superior knitting day but there was some progress.  Mom’s stole/wide scarf is coming right along.  knit stole/scarfAnd the boring navy socks now has the first heel turned and gusset nearly finished.

Marci’s Nippers have a couple inches to go before the heel starts and I’m still figuring out what Ravelympics’ project is going to be.  I sorted through several more patterns last night and am now further from knowing than ever 😀   Come Friday evening, I’ll be casting SOMETHING on though!

If there were time, I’d be starting Snowden Becker’s Myrtle Cardigan.

Snowden Becker's Myrtle

But… there’s not time to order and receive the yarn (kind of have to wait until the tax return arrives to make any purchases oops!) AND… I really want to knit up her Decimal (Knitty, Spring 2009). Decimal has been in ‘queue’ since it was published nearly a year ago.

Decimal Knitty, Spring 2009

AND… I also want to try Snowden’s new Beverly  which should be out on KnitPicks‘ site shortly.

For those in the greater Salt Lake area or who are interested… check out the listings for Service for Susan.  Susan disappeared several weeks ago, quite possibly the victim of foul play.  The general subject is still pretty tender for me so not going to expand further than refer any interest to Facebook or the local news.

And on a slightly different note:

Yes, yes, I do!


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