Toe up sock

The obvious finally hit me.  When working a toe up sock for a fairly wide foot cast on way more stitches rather than increasing so much.  Am I really that dense?  Yes, yes, I am.  😀

Most toe up patterns instruct to cast on 8, 10, or 12 stitches, knit, increase from there.  If you’re going up to 68-72 stitches around the foot that’s some HUGE increasing.  So…. if one modifies it to cast on more stitches it lessens the increasing which, ta da!  Eliminates the freaking mountain look.  When I say the toe up socks I was working on looked like mountains, I mean that quite literally.  It went from 12 stitches cast on to 72 stitches in roughly 3.5 inches.   I’m guessing some caution must be used or the toe won’t fit snugly.  This shall work!!!!!!


About HollysDying

Hard core rocker/old school punk/alternative, ridiculously fiber/design oriented knitter with strong geek tendencies type person. Worked in the travel and web design industries, and benefits management for years; have done freelance writing and editing. Mother of two fantastic young adults (yes, they truly are!).
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2 Responses to Toe up sock

  1. redfear says:

    thanks for sharing, I wasn’t sure if I was the only one who was getting the mountain thing. Glad to hear you’ve found a solution 😀

  2. Jeanne says:

    I’ve been starting with 14-16 stitches when I start toe ups even if I’m only going up to 56 stiches – I just hate the mountain look!

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