Thanksgiving Eve

I seem to have bronchitis so stayed home – finally.  It’s been coming on for a week or two but finally got to the stage where if my mouth is open, coughs are coming out of it.  Not that you truly wanted to know but… now ya do anyway!  My back and sides hurt from coughing, my nose and head  oh whatever, you get the picture.  About 11:00 last night I broke down and took some of the lovely codeine based cough medicine from last time.  It’s still before the expiration date so I figured it would do the trick.  And it did.  Only I’m allergic to codeine, I know this but I had to stop coughing.  So I started scratching instead.  And waking myself up if I happened to drift off – I don’t remember talking in my sleep when I took that stuff before.  It’s incredibly annoying to wake your own self up talking in your sleep while itching and trying to find a comfy spot for the sore back and ribs. Hopefully, I still have a job to go back to though.  This long-term temp thing can be a bit nerve wracking.

What?!  You’re done reading me whine?  Don’t blame you one tiny bit!

We’re taking two pumpkin and one apple pie over to Mom’s tomorrow.  I normally make the pies, fairly decent at it if I do say so myself, but Will’s taking care of it – and I’m pretty thankful for that.  Mom wants pies from Cosco (they are far larger than an average pie = a major plus when feeding over 35 people) and since we don’t have a Cosco membership, Will’s having one of my sister’s pick them up.

There is so much to be thankful for this year.  It’s been filled with heart ache, patience, exasperation, hope, progress, obstacles, joy, love, growth.  I’m glad we have a time set aside for thankfulness.

Marci, David, and Dylan (Marci’s boyfriend) are upstairs baking pies for others.  I’m thankful for two wonderful, intelligent children who get along so well (overall  lol); for my family and those I hold dear.  I’m thankful for WRT continually fixing my car so I’m not stranded or kill anyone on the highway.  I’m grateful that my ex-husband and I get along well enough that we share a house to raise the kids (at least until the house sells).  I’m also grateful that we’re no longer in a relationship with each other.  I’m thankful for the myriad of lessons learned this year, for the true and dear friends that are near to my heart, for the closeness of family.  I’m thankful for Heidi, and the accomplishments she made in her too short life.   I’m thankful that a dear friend took the time to find me.  I’m grateful for our silly cat, Zeus and the comfort he brings.  Sometimes all it really takes is being loved by an animal.  I’m thankful that Marci wants me to teach her to sew (Christmas presents, no further info available until Dec 26th).  I’m thankful that David is such a considerate son. I’m thankful that hearing Taps still chokes me up.  I’m grateful that even though I have no idea how things will work out, that I’ve been given faith that all will be as it should be.

I’m grateful that I can still feel – emotionally and physically and am thankful that this last year has been far less painful (in both ways) than anticipated.

thanksgiving gourds


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