Sunday Morning/Afternoon… roommates suck

Yes, it is definitely before 9am on a Sunday morning and I’m wide awake!  Have been since 5:30 – showered, cleaned the shower, went for a drive and watched the sun casting first light on the mountains, reading blogs and searching the net for odds and ends….  why am I awake!!!!!

There are some new projects on the needles – pair of corset fingerless mittens (will post pattern when I finish them, it’s residing in my head right now and too dangerous to let out until tested!), a pair of red and green Christmas/Holiday socks, a blue and white sparkly Christmas Stocking which I’m NOT liking right now, still working on Mom’s wrap.

Knit Picks box arrived a couple of days ago and I plan to start on three more projects later this week.  kamillesWe went to Kamille’s in Gardner Village yesterday and I didn’t buy a single thing there!  Yes, it’s true!  I really didn’t.  Of course, I did the fairly demented touchy/feely thing on nearly every skein in the shop but there is simply no way I can justify any more stash adding right now.  (read ‘can’t afford it’ and ‘no where to put it’)


and in other news…. I wish our roomate would turn his freaking alarm off.  It’s been going off for over an hour now.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I really don’t like roomates.  Living with family members is okay, roomates – not so much.  Best friends/buddies – ok.  Roomates – not ok.  uh… how else shall I put it…  nvm, you get the picture.
Mind you, there doesn’t seem to be anything inherently wrong with him; it’s me – I dont’ like having an unknown quantity in the house. Maybe it’s the family bond thing – which definitely includes good friends – it feels like an invasion into my personal comfort zone. On the other hand, Will not making the mortgage would be a far bigger invasion on the old comfort zone so…. guess I shall adjust my little attitude problem here. hmmmph.
several hours later….. okay, so I’m not going to work on my little roommate attitude problem. My BFF just called to let me know that my rather psychotic old roomie called her house phone to 1) pass along his phone number – the one I DELIBERATELY lost; 2) see if she would offer my new number – I changed it on purpose dumba** which of course she did not offer; 3) ask her what my parents’ last name is – he KNOWS what it is, they changed their phone number recently. She didn’t give out any information, she’s good like that even though it wasn’t until she hung up that she realized who it was. (prompting the immediate call to me.) She did let him know that I was living in another county – which he knew – but there’s no reason for him to know where. It’s not that I’m ‘hiding,’ I just have no reason for further contact. There was a reason I moved out of the ‘funny farm.’

This is disturbing for several reasons… I never gave him her phone # – he HAD to have stolen my phone when I lived there to get it. I don’t have her last name in my phone, only her initials, her home phone is not in her name so he couldn’t have found it through the phone book or directory assistance. He’s obviously tried to call my parents or he wouldn’t have tried to verify their last name. No… there’s no mail sitting there waiting for me, I didn’t use that address for mail. Nothing like that. The last contact I had with the guy was a rather terse text when Heidi was in ICU following numerous texts from him. If I wanted contact, I would have been in touch. Thought that was obvious! grrrrrrrr
ok…. I’m done with that now.


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Hard core rocker/old school punk/alternative, ridiculously fiber/design oriented knitter with strong geek tendencies type person. Worked in the travel and web design industries, and benefits management for years; have done freelance writing and editing. Mother of two fantastic young adults (yes, they truly are!).
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