Continental and Magic Loop revisited; Bad Mom!

…And Bad Mommy

I’ve tried using the continental knitting style several times with varied amounts of success, it’s not really difficult, just doesn’t always ‘feel’ right… but… I did do half of yesterday’s knitting continental style.  Go me!  AND…. I was youtubing for a better way to pearl using continental and came across CraftSanity’s video.  It made soooo much more sense to me.  Perhaps it’s because I learned to crochet before I knit and she shows the similarities, I’m not sure… but either way – it’s easier for my brain to do it this way.

The ‘pick up’ isn’t as high as I’d been taught before which was undoubtedly part of my problem getting decent tension.

And now…  Leila47 (ravelry link) encouraged me to do a new youtube search for Magic Loop and showed me her method (sans needle and yarn – we were doing resume review you know!).   For some reason, the importance of yarn direction had escaped me so her demonstration combined with the various videos I found LiatMGat’s easy to follow, fun and detailed enough to … tada… I cast on and did a few rounds!   I’m not starting a new project with it just now, I simply wanted to actually figure it out in a way that sinks far enough into my brain/hand relationship that I can use it at will.

Liat Leaf Bug Root Gloves

You might want to check out Liat’s Blog, I’m loving her Leaf Bug Root Gloves.  She also has Stix Inspiring Yarns for Creative Hands – which is now on my ‘must do’ when I visit my brother in Montana.

In other news – only 27 more days of employment.  More legal stuff.  Need to go see Mom and Dad this weekend, they seem pretty lonely without Heidi.  Still forcing myself to find something to look forward to so I can keep going.  It’s not all bleak, just a bit on the dark/cloudy side still.

And, I took David to get two more gauges in his ears this afternoon.  A different dude did the piercing this time and David started bleeding.  I know, I’m the ‘rocker mom,’ the one who signs the piercing forms, does Slipknot concerts, and doesn’t freak when the little darling blogs about his reasons for being an athiest (which includes quasi-sexual content), but I had to stop myself from getting violent, or at least verbal.  It wasn’t the piercers fault, he must have just nicked a small blood vessel or something but the automatic momma bear instinct kicks in when I see blood coming out of one of my kids.  Bad Mommy.


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3 Responses to Continental and Magic Loop revisited; Bad Mom!

  1. redfear says:

    thanks for the heads up! I’ll have to browse around for some videos.

  2. piningforthewest says:

    I’ve never even heard of continental knitting. I think it would be very good for people with arm mobility problems. If you have ever seen Kaffe Fassett knitting, that is the way which I knit (Scottish). I believe he was taught to knit by a Scottish lady and it is different from the English way.

  3. dragonsnlace says:

    Hi there! I’ve considered trying to learn continental because I’m such a slow knitter (at least I look slow in a room full of continental knitters and their slick metal needles) but I tend to have such even gauge with my current style…I’m afraid to muck with it. I’m sure it will feel perfectly natural for you before too long. Grats!

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