One thing….

Thought seriously about going in to work this morning but after breaking into spontaneous tears around 5:30a.m., decided not to.  Grief is a rather odd thing; it sneaks up on you and slams you pretty hard then slowly edges off just a bit until you feel like you can function then it starts over again.  What an odd emotion!

We’re all getting laid off September 2nd anyway so I’m going to spend part of the day in the ever dreaded job search mode then go over to mom’s for a while and then up to WRT’s and see TJ for a bit too.

Yesterday some of my sisters, nieces, Marci, parents and I spent hours in Mom’s living room  going through a life time of pictures sorting out the ones we want to use for the funeral program, etc.  My poor sister, Lynna has very few in comparison to the rest of us.  Apparently, that’s what happens when you’re #8 of 9 children. ooooops!

momsfrontroomAnd, might  I add…  the 70’s had some fairly horrendous color and fabric choices.  Frightening, actually.  (Then again, the 80’s hair – how did we do that?!)  We chuckled over the ‘unisex’ outfits Mom made – she was quite the seamstress back then.  Everything went with everything else for the younger kids since they came in ‘sets’ of boy/girl then boy/girl again.  Think red white and blue plaid double knit pants with red shirts, white shirts, and blue shirts.  We got a bit teary eyed looking at Heidi’s graduation photos – there weren’t a lot of them, wonder what happened there?  and didn’t bother holding back the tears when we came to the photos of her and her son, Tyler. (He passed away at age 4 1/2, his birthday is today.)

Yeah, that’s kind of how it went.

What’s the one thing you ask?  Life goes on.  It’s such a cliche, but comes from truth.  The last few months have been fairly intense; my living situation got too tense and I just moved back down to Utah County and am renting a room in my first husband’s house (yes, we have a fine relationship, just can’t be married to each other), the kids are here and that’s what’s important to me; was diagnosed with Lupus; Mom had breast cancer and a mastectomy, still needs the knee replacement; my oldest graduated from high school – insert happy face here;  getting laid off in a little over a month and the job market here is bleak; and the most painful of all,  Heidi passed away….  yet time keeps moving forward and so do we.  I’ve made plans for the near future, the further future and it will keep going.  (as I tell myself every few minutes)

In knitting news – I ‘discovered’ Verena and The Knitter while browsing Barnes & Noble across the street from the hospital.  Wow!  I’m in knitting love.

Verena Knitting

Verena Knitting

The only problem that I have with Verena is the exclusive use of charts.  I’m not that great at reading charts.  I’ll just have to work on it.  The Knitter has a different emphasis
The Knitter

The Knitter

They have Trailing Leaf – a lovely diagonal lace patterned sweater.  Zippy-Applebrain (Ravelry) is currently working on this one and it looks gorgeous in the light blue she chose.

.   There is also Honeysuckle by Sarah Hatton (ravelry link)


men's summer socks WRT

WRT’s summer socks are coming along, I’ve stopped working on them for a couple of days since all the knitting in the hospital makes them difficult to pick up just now.  I’ll pick them back up tomorrow.  Anyway, basic men’s short sock – 1.25″ 2×2 ribbing, 1.50″ SS then broken pearl stripe for another inch or so, down another 1.50″ then heel flap worked in Sl1 K1, pearl WS rows, short row turn and then gusset pick up and on to foot portion.

Some of the nurses in ICU are knitters; talking knitting with them was a pleasant diversion from the constant chatter about the monitors, meds, ups and downs, etc.

And in entirely different news:

David’s been wanting to get his ears guaged for a while now so…. I took him to go do it a month or so ago.



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3 Responses to One thing….

  1. David says:

    very nice Blogs very interesting and entertaining and heart felt

  2. redfear says:

    There’s a lot the piercing guy didn’t tell us – Thanks for the advice!!! It’s much appreciated 😀

  3. Charlie Twist says:

    Wow, lots of catching up for me. I just thought I’d post here because I ahve a little advice for your son. I have 0 gauge holes (8mm) and I learnt something when bringing them up. If your piercer or guiding person says numb them with ice and force the larger stretch ignore them, they’re idiots. Best time to up the guage is after a hot shower as the skins elasticity is improved. Tug gently on your current jewelry for a few minutes to pre-stretch them lube up the new jewelry and swap them quickly. 1mm at a time is best. I also found curved and crescent moon stretching jewelry better than straight jewelry.

    Tell him to take his time too. Blow outs are not pretty to look at and torn lobes infect and hurt like a bitch (personal experience for the latter). If he does tear his lobe clean it with an alcohol swab, lube the jewelry with betadine gel and put it back in and repeat at least once a day. Don’t drop the gauge down though. At that point there’s no point, damage is done, just let it heal thoroughly before upping it more.

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