Roll Top Pearlies Free Sock Pattern

This started out as something I can pick up and put down at a moments’ notice. Have to admit, I’m really loving them! So far, I’ve only got one nearly finished but here’s the pattern straight out of my scary brain:

roll top pearly sock heel view

roll top pearly sock heel view

The ‘lumpy’ things are pearls – they look cute and add texture when stretched out – pic of finished object coming shortly.
roll top pearly sock 2

roll top pearly sock 2

Knit Picks Essential Lilac (2 skeins)
dpns: size 3 and size 2.75mm

Using size 3’s cast on 60 stitches fairly loosely, join in the round
Knit 6 rows
Knit 2 Pearl 2 ribbing 5 rows
Switch to smaller needles
Knit 2 Pearl 2 ribbing 2 rows

Knit 18 rows throwing in 2 pearl stitches wherever you feel like – try for somewhat random look

Divide for heel putting 15 stitches each on dpn 1 and 2; 30 on dpn 3

Slip 1 Knit 1 across
Slip 1 Pearl 1 across
repeat until you’ve worked as deep as you need your heel, about 30 rows

Turn heel beginning on WS row:
Pearl 17 Pearl 2 tog, P1 more turn
Knit 5 Knit 2 tog K1 more turn
Repeat this until you have 18 stitches left (knit or pearl according to side to one stitch prior to the ‘gap’ P2 tog on wrong side, K2 tog on right side then do one more stitch)

End on knit row then pick up 15 stitches evenly across heel edge, knit along the top (I usually move the sock top stitches onto one needle at this point). Using another dpn pick up 15 stitches along other edge and knit to middle of heel. Arrange stitches if needed so you have the 15 picked up stitches and half the heel stitches on one dpn and half the heel stitches and the other 15 picked up stitches on the other.

Knit around.

Gusset decreases:
Beginning at middle of heel knit to last 3 stitches, K2 tog, K1
Knit across top
K1 S1 K1 PSSO (pass slipped stitch over just knit stitch)
Knit across next round
Continue this pattern until you have 15 stitches remaining on each of the heel needles. (Note: I only decrease until 18 stitches remain since I have wide feet then do extra toe decreases later. Feel free to adjust as needed.)

Knit around 40 – 44 rows according to foot length stopping 1.5 inches shorter than total length of sock foot.

Toe: Starting at the center back of the heel, work across to last three stitches and K2tog, K1. On instep needle K1, Sl1, K1 psso, knit across to last three stitches, K2 tog, K2. On second heel needle K1, Sl1, K2, psso, Knit across.
Knit across next round.
Continue this pattern for 9 rows until you have 24 stitches left, 6 on each of the heel needles and 12 on the instep needle. Knit across next heel needle, slip remaining heel needles’ stitches onto that needle and continue knitting across. The yarn should be at the side of the sock. Cut yarn leaving about 15 inches and weave remaining stitches together. (See Kirchner link on side bar.)


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Hard core rocker/old school punk/alternative, ridiculously fiber/design oriented knitter with strong geek tendencies type person. Worked in the travel and web design industries, and benefits management for years; have done freelance writing and editing. Mother of two fantastic young adults (yes, they truly are!).
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5 Responses to Roll Top Pearlies Free Sock Pattern

  1. redfear says:

    I think you’re right, it’s fairly disturbing πŸ˜€

  2. You must be the world’s tightest knitter! I need #0 needles to get anything close to a decent sock fabric from KP’s Essentials yarns.

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  4. redfear says:

    Thanks! I’ve got about 4″ done on the first foot so shouldn’t be too long!

  5. Grace says:

    oh sweet SOCK pattern!!!!

    I can’t wait to see these finished πŸ˜€


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