Fingerless glove modifications

Yule Blessings

Yule Blessings

It’s been COLD and snowy here the last few days.  Friday afternoon we had a huge storm, it was so bad that it took nearly three hours to drive home from work.  Actually, I got within five miles of home and decided not to go any further on bald tires.  It was a bit more adventuresome and dangerous than I was up to.  Fortunately, B was willing to come pick me up.

And…. it made me think about gloves.   I enjoy how cozy and comforting gloves feel when it’s bitter cold and windy.  However, I do not enjoy ‘the gap.’  That’s my not so technical term for how the wind blows down my coat sleeve between the glove and wherever my shirt sleeve has ended up.  How to avoid this… make gloves longer, of course!

I was in the middle of a pair of fingerless gloves for gifting and decided to add about two inches length before starting the thumb gusset.  They’re for a male recipient so kept the ribbing going a little longer to avoid any ride-up during wear.  I’m thinking out a way to incorporate longer lace ribbing with some decreases (maybe!) for a pair of gloves for another recipient.  This is what I’ve come up with so far:  laceribbig

The stitch pattern can be found on Knitty.   It’s a pretty straight forward knit/purl/yo/decrease pattern but I think might be a little warmer than some of the other lacy ribbings.  And it still needs to be reasonably stretchy.  I’d rather avoid decreasing the overall width if possible BUT I don’t want it to be too tight for someone who may have a wider forearm.  Guessing a couple of test knits will be in order then, if all goes well, I’ll write up the pattern and post it.

Progress is being made on the Christmas knitting.  WRT socks are mid gusset on sock 2.  Fingerless gloves for …….. are 3/4 finished.  I’m coming to terms with the lack of time so am revising some gift things.   I have a funny feeling that Mom is going to get the reverse of what she used to give me.

When I was a little girl, sometimes she would give me the fabric and pattern for a new project then we would work on it together after the holidays.  I have learned so much from watching Mom and working with her.  It seems like a good idea to give her the yarn and needles for the pillow I want to make her then work it up, hopefully with her.  She’s an outstanding knitter, seamstress, and quilter but doesn’t spend much time doing any of those these days.  I would truly enjoy being able to go spend time with her talking and knitting.  It’s been a very, very long time since we did such things together.

And… as soon as I’m finished with the gift knitting I AM going to start a pair of socks for myself.  It’s freaking COLD (oh, I mentioned that a few times?!) and I need some warm, pretty socks.  I dug out the first pair of socks I made – basic tube socks in pretty pastels – and am going to kirtchener the toes which counts as one pair.  They’re an acrylic blend though so going to have to make some wool ones.  I knit.  It’s the rules.  hehehe

Oh…. and one more thing … as always…. I’m totally and utterly in love with Alice Starmore’s Aran and Celtic knitting. Check out her projects and patterns on Ravelry.  Once I’ve got the finances under control, I’m going to be doing some serious stashing to work up a few of her patterns.  I can’t wait!

In non-knitting news, B got my nails done for Christmas.  What a wonderful, thoughtful, magnificent gift.  They’re a beautiful holiday red now.  I’m one of those weird people who have to have nails to keep my hands ‘balanced.’  Thank you!!!!!!


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