Felted Christmas Stocking Pattern

Felted Christmas Stocking

Felted Christmas Stocking

Here’s the pattern/guidelines:

Original guage was 8 st st = 1″    feel free to alter as you’re going to felt and may want a different size stocking.  After felting this stocking is 6″ (15 cm) from top of ruffle to bottom of heel and 6″ (15 cm) from back edge of heel to tip of toe.  Prior to felting it was a women’s large size.

Needles – 1 pair straight sz 3 (3.25 mm); 4 (or 5 if you prefer) sz 3 (3.25 mm) double pointed needles

Yarn – Knit Picks Palette Fingering Weight, 1 skn Garnet Heather (main color), 1 skn Ivy (second color)  note – requires apx. 1/4 skein main color and a few dozen yards of second color.

Ruffle and Top:

  • Using SC Cast on 300 stitches (yes, 300) on SINGLE points using fairly firm cast on of your choice.  I used loop cast on.
  • Knit right sides, Purl wrong side or 4 rows (2 each k and p)
  • On right side K2Tog every stitch (total of 150 stitches)
  • Switch to double point needles arranging 50 stitches per needle (if using 4 needles total),  join being careful not to twist stitches.  The ruffle tends to curl so be extra cautious.
  • Knit 3 rounds
  • On right side K2Tog every stitch (total of 75 stitches)
  • Knit 2 rounds
  • Knit to last 3 stitches of 1st needle, K2Tog, K2, K2Tog, knit to last 3 stitches of next needle, K2Tog, K2, K2Tog, knit to last 3 of last needle, K2Tog
  • K2Tog, knit to last 3 stitches of 1st needle, K2Tog, K2, K2Tog, knit to last 3 stitches of next needle, K2Tog, K2, K2Tog, knit to last 3 stitches of last needle, K2Tog
  • Knit
  • It helps stabilize the top if you add about 1/2 inch of K2P2 ribbing here, you can omit if you wish to and knit
  • Change to MC and K 4 rows
  • Knit decoration of your choice  – this one has an eyelet heart from Stariel’s Blackhearted.
  • Knit another 4-6″ (again, depends on how long you want the stocking)

Heel:  (I did slip stitch, if you prefer a different one – go for it!)

  • Arrange stitches so there are 32 on 1 dpn – this is your heel needle
  • *Row 1: SL 1, K1 – repeat across
  • Row 2: Sl1, Purl *
  • Repeat 10 times
  • Change to SC
  • Repeat 10 times
  • Change to MC
  • Repeat 12 times (32 rows total)

Turn Heel:

  • Change to SC
  • K19, SSK, K1 turn
  • Sl1, P7, P2Tog, P1, Turn
  • *Sl1, knit to stitch before gap, SSK, K1, turn
  • SL1, purl to stitch before gap, P2Tog, turn*
  • Repeat * to * until all stitches are worked – DO NOT slip first stitch on your last purl row.
  • Knit across

Pick up and work gusset:

  • Change to MC
  • Pick up 17 stitches along side on same needle
  • Knit across instep needle
  • Working on 3rd needle, pick up 17 stitch along side, knit across
  • Arrange stitches so beginning of round is now in the middle of the heel (it should be there all ready, but just in case…)
  • Knit around to 3 stitches before instep needle, K2Tog K1
  • Knit Instep
  • Knit 1, SSK, knit
  • Knit until 16 stitches are on each of the two ‘heel’ needles

Work around until stocking is 4″ shorter than desired length

  • If you want to add SC stripe or pattern here, go for it.  I did a K12 MC, K SC, K12 MC around then K10 MC, K3 SC, K10 MC around then K12 MC, KSC, K12 MC around stripish pattern (didn’t work out perfect but it was pretty close)
  • Go back to MC
  • Work until stocking is 2″ shorter than desired total length


  • Row 1: K1, SSK, knit to last 3 st on instep needle, K2Tog, K1. K1, SSK, knit to last 3 sts on sole needle(s), K2Tog, K1
  • Row 2: Knit around
  • Knit these two rows until 40 total stitches remain then do Row 1 five more times


  • I did Kitchener, do whatever grafting you’re comfy with though.


  • To semi-customize the felting I ran EXTREMELY hot water from the faucet and held the ruffle portion under it for about 30 seconds at a time until it was 3/4 of the size I wanted it to be (think it was 5 times).  Then I held the rest of stocking under the water for about 30 seconds per time three times.
  • Then… threw it in the dryer with the darks and… out came the Christmas Stocking.

Still having holiday issues.  Maybe it’s because the tree is in a box by the side of my bed (er now 4B’s bed arghhhhh) with about 10 boxes on top of it.  idk. But…. my son is happy as the proverbial clam!!!!  He was gifted Slipknot tickets for their March 09 stop in Denver.  Thank you, B!!!!!!!!!!!


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