Advent Calendar knitting style

Garn Studios has the greatest little gift!


About redfear

Hard core rocker/old school punk/alternative, ridiculously fiber/design oriented knitter with strong geek tendencies type person. Worked in the travel and web design industries, and benefits management for years. Back in corporate travel and loving it! Mother of two fantastic young adults (yes, they truly are!).
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3 Responses to Advent Calendar knitting style

  1. redfear says:

    Glad you like it! They have such pretty things.

  2. Grace says:

    oh cool! thanx for this link .. with the kid breaking (we think) the cmas ornaments when he put them away last year and the dog with her killer tail, I need some non-breakable but cute / nice ornaments on the tree ..

    these are perfect!!

  3. lisa says:

    oh yeah, i love that!

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