Converting Circular Sock Knit to DPNs

In socknitters there was recently a brief discussion on how to convert sock patterns written using the two circular needle method to using double pointed needles.  The result:

1) put half the stitches from circular needle #1 onto dpn #1 then the other half from circ. #1 on dpn #2.

2) put half the stitches from circ. #2 on dpn #3 and the other half on dpn #4.

3) read pattern carefully and remember which dpn corresponds with which circular needle.

But… what if the stitch or motif pattern isn’t exactly the same all the way around causing mathmatical migrains?

1) Again, read pattern carefully

2) Take the # of stitches the pattern/motif is worked over and divide by 2.  That’s how many stitches you need to have on each dpn.  (If stitch pattern is a 40 stitch repeat, you need 20 pattern stitches over 2 dpns.)

NOTE:  If stitch pattern is a 40 stitch repeat that is not the TOTAL number of stitches you need, simply the number of ‘pattern’ stitches needed. You still need ‘x’ number of total stitches.

For example, if you are working a 64 stitch sock with a 40 stitch cable repeat you need 64 stitches divided over 3 or 4 double points – your preference.  You will need 20 stitches of the cable repeat on one dpn and 20 stitches of the cable repeat on the other dpn.   If you are working a 60 stitch sock with an all over 20 stitch pattern repeat you could do 3dpns with 3 repeats per needle.  Just do whatever makes most sense to you with the pattern.

I’m just starting a pair using this method.  We’ll see how it goes.  So far the math looks right but due to my sporadic counting skills…. uh…. well, ya know.  Once I feel a bit more comfortable with it, I’ll post progress notes and pics.

This is absolutely not an original idea of mine – thanks goes to ‘Elizabeth in Norway’ ‘Trek’ for answers and ‘Irene’ for asking the question.


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