Frog Pond for WRT socks, Progress Socks for Soldiers

arghhhhhhhhhhhh (and a whole bunch of swearing).  Woke up with a serious head cold this morning complete with eye swelling.  Supposed to meet a friend later, going to have to cancel – again.  This sucks.

Know what else sucks? I have about 4.5 inches done on toe-up WRT socks and they are freaking HUGE.  If a sock is wide on my foot it will drown someone elses.  I even swatched and everything!  Frogged, dropped down to sz 1 for toes and 2.75mm (2) for body.  Recipient can try them on soon just to be sure.

freaking wide sock

freaking wide sock

My sincerest apologies for subjecting you to a pic of my left foot – it is displayed comparison purposes only.

Son is going to his dad’s for a few days to socialize (loving the flexibility of home-school).  Roomie (hubby? nearly ex hubby? what IS he?!) is shooting pool so will be gone until late tonight or perhaps tomorrow sometime.  Bright spot of the day is this translates to knitting time, frenzied knitting as fast as I can because Yule, Christmas, Holiday Season is sneaking up on me rather quickly.

The Big Tan (Sand) Socks for Socks for Soldiers, however, are coming along nicely.  You’ll notice that this time I am knitting far more concurrently than I was before.  How does such a random person accomplish this you ask?  By timing – knit 20 minutes(ish) on one, switch to the other one.  Yes, it’s true, I’m both clock watching AND paying attention.  My mother would be so proud!s4sprogress1

Slight progress has been made on sister’s stole….. heidi-stole-halfish1

Grylion’s socks will be up in a bit, it’s supposed to be a surprise so no peeking just yet!

And… tada…. I’ve managed to decide on a pair of socks for me!  I’ve been quite impressed with Ioumms year of socks.  The cheater’s tip is a definite ‘must try!’  Thinking will do in lavender, quite possibly the singing in the rain socks.  Of course, casting on shall have to wait until I have other projects a bit more under control but am doing happy dance that a decision was made!  Still not quite sure what to do with the Kollage Brilliant as there are so many choices and I have 200 yards.  Leaning towards a glam scarf/cowl to go with my not even close to glam jean jacket.

Oh, oh oh oh oh oh…..  Something I must have…. knit corset.  Check out SarahPurls.

Yep, frogged WRT sock, starting over… can’t count, browsing ravelry instead.


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