Christmas Stocking

Finished my Christmas Stocking this morning, even got it felted.  It started life with the intention of making a pair but I didn’t like the way my gusset mods turned out and decided rather than frog (unravel) back to go ahead and felt it.  Now I have a smallish Christmas Stocking to hang!  Perfect size for jewelry, circular needs, gift cerficates… wish list….

It’s raining/snowing, rather gloomy yet oddly cheery.  Or perhaps, it’s me – have that “finished object glow” hehe.

Christmas Stocking
Christmas Stocking

I may write up pattern and post at a later date.  Right now, I’ve got to go cast on another pair and start another Christmas present then work on the S4S socks.


Someone asked me if I ever knit anything but socks, I felt flattered.  I’ve only knit socks about a year now.  Before that it was sweaters, a few bags, scarves, pillows, and a few odd things.  Emphasis on odd.

By the way, check out Six Sox knitalong6sox


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