Finally Happened

Dh has been avoiding scheduling his hernia surgery (has 2 of them) since he a) hates hospitals; b) knows that since he is on oxygen 24/7 anyway that it is likely he’ll have to stay longer than 7 days; and c) doesn’t want to do it.  I totally understand in many ways, in others it’s completely beyond me how a person could choose to be in pain knowing it can be fixed.  It’s not convenient but it can be! 

Anyway….I’d planned on going to my knitting group last night but one of our close friends was over and after watching him holding his lower sides while coughing and obviously in a great deal of pain, panicked and called 911.  He wasn’t happy, of course.  He refused to go to the hospital although the emt’s agreed that it would be a good idea for him to go in etc etc etc. 

Hate to admit it but the stress of dealing with a rather wide varieties of health issues, ‘life’ issues, and insomnia really got to me after they left and we got into a rather nasty disagreement – in front of said friend.  Oops!  Okay, it’s far more than an oops, and am working on how to increase my capacity for dealing with the situations since I can’t change anything other than how I handle things as they are and will continue to be. 

At least I was able to finally cast on his b-day socks.  I’ve got 9 days to finish them.  I’m liking the Knit Picks Essentials!  Not thrilled about the navy blue colour but it’s about as adventuresome as he wants to get with his feet at this point lol.  Can’t wait to see how they turn out.  Maybe after those are done I’ll do a bit more exciting self striping wild socks for TJ.  Who knows, maybe he’ll like the ones I have in mind enough to let me at least do a simple cable or something on his next pair : )


hubby's bday socks


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